Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Using our voice...

You may have noticed that I don't spend very much time attacking Ukip these days. The reason being is that they are yesterdays news. They are ancient history and they are no longer a threat to my interests.

Had they scored a significant victory at the general election they would have had a leading role in the referendum, which would have put Farage front and centre. For obvious reasons I could not stand back and let that happen. I cannot say for certain how much of a part I played in their downfall but I made sure every single anti-Ukipper was primed with all the insider information I could get my hands on and all the historical perspectives along with assistance in pulling their policies to pieces.

I believe that you can put on a crap show in an election and still do well if you have won the intellectual argument. Ukip was never going to do that but I did my bit to make sure they didn't. Twitter may not be the be all and end all of public debate but it is the trial by fire for policy ideas and I managed to influence plenty of opinion formers.

That is why I maintain that even if you don't have a great many hits as a blogger, if you produce decent content and you target the right people, then you are part of a hugely influential minority.

This is why my main aim is to recruit more Brexit bloggers. The intellectual argument for Brexit can be won. We have some extremely powerful arguments - but we just don't have the exposure that the main campaigns enjoy. It is my view that all the money in the world cannot buy the potency of authenticity and intellectual authority and the mainstream media can be manipulated to our own advantage.

It has to be done this way because the main leave campaigns are no use to us. They are run by classic eurosceptics with thirty year old arguments and Leave.EU is basically a shadow Ukip operation that now employs half of the staff that Ukip have made redundant. They are particularly stupid and odious people.

If we can use extremely well briefed operative operating at the highest level of public debate then our ideas can trickle down. We already have about twenty of them plugging away and there are the occasional signs that it works. We need to replicate that on a much larger scale. Rather than retweeting the idiocy of the Leave campaigns we need to be out recruiting Leavers who find them just as loathsome as we do.

As to Ukip, Ukip is totally finished. They're going to get even more abysmal because any money coming going in that direction is either going into the Leave campaign or it is going in the direction of Carswell. Farage knows he can't have a prominent place in the referendum campaign, he can see that Carswell is going to take the party with him so in that oh-so-churlish way, Farage is going to make damn sure there is nothing left for him to take. He's operating a scorched earth policy.

You would think that I of all people would be revelling in it. Truth is, I can't be bothered. Ukip is a spent force with nothing going for it and its activists are no longer of any interest to me. I mute them on Twitter. The London hack-o-sphere and the kipper grunters still think Ukip is a thing, but in every real sense it is a dead man walking. And who cares? We have bigger fish to fry.

For the time being, our opposition is the Vote Leave Ltd campaign and the odious Cummings. Their bad ideas must be challenged and neutralised even if it means using the Remain campaign as useful idiots to do it. That way we box them in to making the arguments we want them to make. Only then will we lend our weight to them.

It's a pain in the ass to have to do it this way, but as you can see, Cummings is a not a man to be reasoned with. We cannot meet them half way either. This is a binary choice. There is a right way and a wrong way. There is nothing in between.

Leave.EU is less of a priority. They tend to follow in the wake of Vote Leave Ltd and seldom do they set the agenda. While they are a problem, they are not the biggest problem but we'll deal with them later if we have to. Just because we don't have the big bucks and we don't have a public front doesn't mean we don't have a potent voice. So let's get out there and use it.

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