Sunday, 15 November 2015

The dishonesty of Dominic Cummings

These are the tweets of Dominic Cummings in response to my earlier post. Apparently this post has "no resemblance to what ppl actually say". Except Campbell Bannerman most definitely has said "So we could strip out in theory the overburdensome and job destroying EU red tape on 92% of the UK economy and 95% businesses, whilst also saving every household in the UK nearly £1,000 a year."

I've provided several good reasons why we can't and why that is an inherent weakness in his case. This in the mind of Cummings is a rant. In response to this, he posts a completely irrelevant link which he believes to believes is a refutation.

This is the modus operandi of Dominic Cummings, Ruth Lea, David Campbell Bannerman and Daniel Hannan. They see themselves as above criticism and infallible. To suggest that they have made errors is considered impolite and impertinent. Cummings might then take a moment to ponder why this field is "poionous enough". He is the poison.

Three years of meticulous work has gone into exploring the technical ramifications of the Brexit options - and then we have a self-appointed claque with zero expertise barging in, making all the exact mistakes we have warned about, clogging up the debate with falsehoods and errors and undermining the cause.

Rather than responding to the criticisms they close ranks and isolate themselves from any influences that suggest they are not the geniuses they believe themselves to be. Later down the line, the message is then put out by them that we are "ranters" and horribly uncouth people who call them howwid names. But this overlooks the fact that every possible effort has been made to ensure these people are equipped with the right information. They chose to ignore it, believing themselves to be superior.

Only when it is shown in public that they have screwed up do they actually listen. On two occasions now Cummings has been caught out on the public eye. And on both occasions he has resorted to the theft of our work in order to save his own skin.

It very much looks like this is going to be par for the course for the next two years, with Cummings making a pigs ear of it at every turn, then rowing back to do what we said should have been done in the first place - without a hint of deference or apology. That is why this field is poisonous, and if Mr Cummings thinks it is toxic now, I can promise him that we are not even started with him yet.

I am going to put this as unequivocally as I can. Dominic Cummings, like your eurosceptic compatriots in the London bubble, you are a man with no honour, no integrity, no knowledge or skill. When we most likely fail to secure a victory at the referendum, we will make it known that you are the principal reason.

Call this a rant if you will, such arrogance from you is to be expected. But at every turn we will be there to highlight your every careless mistake. You can ignore it all you like, but others are watching.

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